Magic Wands
Designed by a professional magician for other discerning magicians.
Your wand is a work of art. The design and craftsmanship are rich and elegant and durable. It's like a thing Okito or Karl Gemain's father would have made to last generations.
- Teller
Eleven Exotic Hardwood Wand Combinations
I took the wand in my hand and put both pieces together and gently twisted them tight. Madness!!!! This is by far the best wand I've ever picked up and now he's mine! A big thank you for this excellent work - you live what you do.
- Dennis Gildehaus, Germany
SPECIAL OFFER: For all those who purchase a Benson Bowl, we offer a 15% discount on the wand of their choice at the time of purchase. The 15% wand discount will be refunded after the bowl is shipped along with any excess shipping due.
I just received my Sherwood Snake Wood Wand and it is a stunning piece of design and craftsmanship. It is perfectly balanced which makes it an ideal choice for the working professional. If you are looking for an exceptional tool for your presentations, there is no need to look further than a Brett Sherwood Magic Wand.
- Eric DeCamps

All Brett Sherwood magic wands are hand spun from exotic hard woods by a master wood turner. Do not be deceived by the wand’s innocent appearance. Hidden within the Brett Sherwood wands are many years of precision engineering refinements and features. If you desire an alternative wand combination, created from the materials shown above, email us with your request and we will be happy to accommodate you.
My wand arrived and it is STUNNING! I cannot say how beautiful this is and it is a most excellent addition to my Cups, the two complement each other perfectly. Thank you for producing such a masterpiece of a product!
- Liam Ball AIMC

Seven Luxurious Solid Silver Tipped Wands
(Silver rings and/or silver wand tips can be gold plated if desired: Email for details)
The wand arrived safe and sound, Brett! Masterful work, my friend! Love it!
- Doug King (USA)
Each wand is intentionally weighted for effortless slow motion wand spins.
Showing the Entire Length and Dimensions of Wand
(The elegant wand above features solid, smooth, silver tips
with solid, silver rings and also features an exotic, snakewood shaft with an invisible, twist-­‐apart connection)
I ordered the Cocobolo Wand with Engraved Silver Tips and was amazed by how much detail went into the creation of this incredible prop. When fitted together there is not a trace to be seen of the middle split and it is perfectly balanced which makes it an absolute dream to spin between the fingers.
- Bodane Hatten, Australia
Brett Sherwood’s triple-ring feature allows for easy pick-up from hard surfaces and was also specifically designed to complement and harmonize with the three rings on the Brett Sherwood Cups. The hidden, brass, centre connector screws together quickly and as it tightens, to form a hidden connection, it also locks the two halves together, automatically, for a secure connection that guarantees you will never again need to retighten your wand midway through any performance. The twist-apart, two-piece breakdown of the wand also allows for quick, easy storage inside the complimentary, luxury, leather travel-case, which fits conveniently in your pocket.

Brett Sherwood Quality Hallmark on Each Tip
The wand is gorgeous! The connection system is the best thing out there and the craftsmanship is just what I have come to expect from Brett Sherwood. I cannot imagine a better wand ever being produced. My wife, who is a very harsh critic of quality, thought it was absolutely wonderful.
- Marc DeSousa

Quality and Significance
The cups and balls is an elegant classic of magic and the Brett Sherwood Wand is the utmost in elegance, beauty, and craftsmanship and imbues everything with its own special touch of magic.
- Thomas Henkel, Germany
Each Brett Sherwood Magic Wand is supplied with a
complimentary soft leather luxury travel case.
Your wand has quickly become my favorite. It is without equal, and is undoubtedly the best I have ever used.

- Matthew Thomas, MD , USA

See above to compare Classic and Midi cup dimensions.
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