The Card Clip
I invented the card clip decades ago and since then no one has created my clip as beautifully. The Sherwood Clip is a work of art. I am proud to work with Brett Sherwood on this project, and I’m delighted with how it turned out.
- Joe Porper, USA
Card Clip
Card Clip
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Solid Silver Hand Engraved Card Clip
The Sherwood Sterling Silver Card Clip is the finest in the world. Plus, having my name hand-engraved on the spine is a very elegant touch. The Card Clip is made solid and strong as ever, a must have for every pro and collector. Awesome job Brett - utter perfection!
- Jerry Alan Foster
Only 100 Limited Edition Certificates - One Per Each Engraved Silver Card Clip
Received the clip and certificate! A work of art!!!
- Danny Bacher, USA
Renowned engineer Joe Porper created the card clip that all magicians are familiar with. Brett Sherwood contacted Joe Porper and asked his permission to create his own unique card clip using the Porper shape. Following this correspondence, a special Limited Edition of 100 clips was agreed. Brett’s endeavor was to create the most beautiful card clip in existence to mirror his deep love and respect for card artifice. As you will see, Brett Sherwood has taken the card clip to the ultimate by creating quite literally an extraordinary piece of functional art!
Card Clip back
Card Clip
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An Elegant Hand-Engraved Masterpiece
A card man's opportunity to have Professor level props!
- Ricky Smith
Although the Brett Sherwood Card Clip is exquisite to look at, a card clip is much more than just a cosmetic enhancement. A card clip keeps your cards pressed flat which extends the life of your favorite cards, but more importantly, it improves the functionality of your cards. Many small aspects are enhanced depending on the type of card manipulation you do. Keeping your cards flat gives you more ‘control’ because you always know what to expect. For example, faro shuffles weave much easier as is intricate dealing improved. Top cardistry experts press their favorite card brands so their cards perform more predictably when flourishing.
Card Clip inside
Card Clip
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Three Stamps Visible Inside The Brett Sherwood Card Clip
Having introduced the card clip into my shows it draws an immediate response and the reason is obvious, the case itself is strong and instantly reinforces to the audience that they are dealing with a professional. A must have for anybody using cards in a performance setting.
- Bodane Hatten, Australia
The Brett Sherwood Card Clip is made from solid silver and has a 925 silver stamp on one inside end, as well as The Brett Sherwood hallmark logo of quality in centre, and finally each silver card clip will have its own unique Limited Edition number stamped opposite end. Each card clip will be sold with a corresponding signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.
Card Clip personalised
Card Clip
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Your Card Clip Can Be Personalised
The Sherwood Card Clip is not only a beautifully designed and crafted gem, it offers a most important statement: I care about you, the audience member, and for you I bring nothing but the best. If your audience expects grace, elegance and excellence, bring your fabulous cards with this unparalleled Sherwood Clip!
- Dr. Ricardo Rosenkranz, USA
The Brett Sherwood card clip has intricate hand engravings on the front, back and a decorative nameplate on the spine. A exclusive offer to all magicians who ‘pre-order’ a Brett Sherwood card clip: they will have the option of having their name or a force card of their choice hand engraved on the spine of their clip at no additional charge. This offer extends only during the initial pre-order stage; following the first stock of card clips all future buyers will receive a card clip with a blank spine, which they can have engraved at any engraver of their choice.
Card Clip shiner
Card Clip
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Each Corner Is An Impromptu Shiner

See above to compare Classic and Midi cup dimensions.
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