The following are emails from some of my happy customers. After three years of struggling by adhering to an almost impossible set of expectations my cups are finally available. I have been overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response and I wish to thank you all for your MUCH APPRECIATED inspirational remarks!
Brett Sherwood
Hi Brett,

Your cups are now my favorite magic props. I want to add my voice to those singing the praises of your work. The look and feel is just right. I like the heft of them-they feel substantial. I also appreciate the size. I always use real fruit for the final loads-and I sometimes have trouble finding limes or lemons small enough to fit in my old cups. Your new cups will hold a much larger load and will make my life a little easier. Over the years I've used or considered just about every cup out there. None of them stack up to yours - literally! In every category- size, weight, style and craftsmanship you seemed to have leapfrogged the rest. Thank you for offering them.

All the best,
David Williamson - OH, USA

I just received MY set of silver cups. They are quite stunning!
My husband has been lusting after a set since he got his hands on one at the Magic Castle one evening last year. Special arrangements had been made with a friend to bring in one of his cups so Kirk could take a good look at it. He also made sure that I was there that night to see it.
However…now that I have them, I’m not so sure I can give these to him for Christmas as I had planned. Right now, magic is only a 2 night-a-week habit for my husband…that I’m aware of. What happens if I become more of a magic widow than I am already?! Think of our children! In fact, maybe the only way he will ever find out that I got him a set is if you post this on your website and he finds it! Maybe I will only give him one cup for Christmas this year… Maybe it’ll make him especially good for Santa next year…and the next. Hmmm...
Darlene Grodske - CA, USA
WOW! My wife gave me a set of engraved silver cups for my birthday and I'm delighted with their appearance and balance. They truly are every bit as outstanding as I'd been led to believe. Kudos for giving "The Oldest Trick in Magic" the props it deserves! I do have a question, though. I noticed that you're offering matching chop-cups on a made to order basis and would like to know how much they run and what the procedure is for ordering one.

Thanks again!

Every good wish,
Edward (Ted) Coffman - IL, USA

Received the cups today, that was fast. I hardly got a chance to track them.... The quality and workmanship of the cups are beyond compare. Absolutely beautiful. The pride you take in an incredible product shows from the product itself to the shipping and documentation. Couldn't be more pleased.

Best and thanks again,
Tom Gilbert - USA
Dear Brett and Lesley,

The cups arrived this morning (Sunday delivery!). By all reports, they are beautiful. I say "by all reports" because, although I placed the order, they are a holiday present for me from my wife. She unpacked and examined them and is having great fun letting me know how wonderful they are, but reminding me I'll have THREE WEEKS TO WAIT until I see them!

Thanks so much for the personal care in answering my questions, and handling my order. The whole experience of purchasing these cups has been outstanding.

Perhaps we'll meet one day at a convention and I'll be able to thank you personally.

Andy Atkins - MA, USA
Dear Mr. Brett Sherwood

Thousand thanks for your very fast delivery of the Cups.
I received the Cups safely last Friday.
My husband has no idea they are for his birthday present tomorrow.
It will be a very great surprise.

We wish you Merry Christmas and a happy, successfully New Year 2005.
We hope to meet you again in London 2005 by the Magic Convention.

All the best,
Paula Plunser - Austria
Dear Brett,

You would think that by the time I purchased my fourth set of Brett Sherwood cups, I would have become accustomed to opening the familiar packages from England, but that is not the case at all. I'm always pleased and surprised that the cups are shipped so well. Most of the time when shippers from overseas send things to me, they are packed precariously. Not so with Brett. He uses plenty of padding, a heavy cardboard tube or a piece of PVC pipe, and a well-packed cardboard box to make sure that the cups arrive intact.

It's almost like opening a Christmas present -- you get through the wrapping and the padding, and finally, there they are! The warm glow of the silver of these smooth silver cups is truly beautiful. These are the cups that Brett has engraved and plated to make his most expensive cups. They are elegant in their simplicity. And I would certainly perform with these anywhere I had a discriminating client.

Like all his cups, they feel wonderful in the hand. The balance is perfect.

These are the successors to the Paul Fox cups. What Paul Fox did for the cups and balls during the 20th century, Brett Sherwood has done for them in the 21st!

Bill Palmer - TX, USA

Cup lovers please see:
Hello Brett

The cups arrived all right and in perfect condition already Monday. They certainly are stunning and handle beautifully. I congratulate you on the exceptional craftsmanship and good taste that you showed with this outstanding set of all silver engraved cups – they are and will be unique in the history of magic.

I used them in a show yesterday and was very successful. I’ve been studying Cups & Balls for almost 30 years but never really put them into my repertoire. I will once again think about overcoming the difficulties of logistics and infrastructures associated with the props and hope to be able to put them as fixed pieces into my professional repertoire.
I wish you continued success and inspiration for future products along the same line.

Best regards,
Roberto Giobbi - Switzerland
Hi Brett,

Just wanted to say thanks for sending the balls so quickly! They are by far the nicest balls I have ever used for my cups and balls routine and the large size makes them easy for my manipulation, stage style vanishes!

It's also nice that they aren't the wooly thread variety...these look very proffessional and very flashy!
Let me know when you get the Jumbo balls back in stock?

In Magic
SteveDela - UK
Hi Brett,

My neighbours gave me the parcel this evening on my way to a show. After my stand-up show before the close-up session I unwrapped it (and unwrapped it and unwrapped) it... and they are wonderful - the most beautiful cups, I've ever touched... and I will definitely touch them a lot! Thank you for this perfect prop an your prompt and impeccable service!Now I can hardly wait for the Combo Cup...

Best Regards (and a very Happy X-mas!!),
Stephan Kirschbaum - USA
Dear Brett:

The cups arrived yesterday. To say that I am delighted is an understatement. They are beautiful. The finish on the brass cups is superb and immediately communicates "class". The weight, the balance is remarkable. The feel of the cups and their individual and combined weights tell me that they will be a pleasure to handle and work with. I have several sets of very fine cups - including a set that Ross Bertram made for me. They are all excellent cups. Your cups, however, are far beyond them in quality. How can I compare them? I drive a Toyota Tercel and love this car; but I drove a Mercedes once, and there is cclearly a difference in quality. Your cups are like driving a Mercedes. What a treat.

The bag arrived in the same mail, so now I am "holdng the bag".

Many thanks for your prompt service and very secure shipping. But most especially, thank you for your outstanding craftsmanship and sharing it with the magic fraternity.

As ever,
Fr. Cyprian - USA

I received my silver engraved cups today. They are truly a work of art. I had them sent to my business address and all work ceased while they were opened. Even my postman stayed to see the unveiling. I also think the manipulation balls and final load balls are the best I've handled. I love the "heft" to the balls. I anxiously await the wands and any future products you release.
Please email me when other colors of large balls, wands and anything else is available.

Best wishes for the Holidays,

Pepka - cont.....

I used my cups in a real performance for the first time this weekend. I have changed the structure of my routine, handing them out to spectators at the beginning. People kept commenting on how beautiful and intricate the workmanship is. They really sat up and paid attention, knowing they were about to see something special.
I've also extended my routine, adding 2 more phases. I think this is because they are such a joy to handle; I really didn't want to put them down!
Just wanted to share my experiences with you, and thank you again for creating these cups. I can't wait to see the wands!!!
David Pepka - PA, USA

We have a tradition at our house. We open our Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve. Well, Brett Sherwood and my wife conspired to get a set of the engraved silver cups with the gold highlights to me without my knowledge.

I inquired about ordering a set back in November, and Brett told me they were out of stock. "Probably won't have any until after the first of the year." So I figured, well, I'll wait.

So, tonight we sat down to open gifts. And there they were. These are really beautiful cups. The engraving is flawless, and really complements the curves of the cups.

Brett's redesign of the cup is as revolutionary as the Paul Fox design was in its day. As far as I'm concerned, Brett Sherwood has done in the 21st century what Paul Fox did for the cups in the 20th century. The balance is right, the feel is right, and there is more attic space than ever.

These are truly wonderful cups.

Look for pictures on the museum web site soon.

Bill Palmer, M.I.M.C. - TX, USA

Cup lovers please see: www.cupsandballsmuseum.com

It's taken great will power to do anything other than work with the cups since I received them. Perfect in weight, dimensions, balance... they make many sleights so much easier. You've truly created the ideal cups!

I've been doing the cups for about 30 years using a set of copper cups with a basic Paul Fox design. I've worked on cups and balls, chop cup, and the Takagi solid cup. The Sherwood cups are simply the finest I've ever handled. I know I'll need to take some time to get used to the feel, but the benefits will be huge. My son has now "inherited" my copper cups and is quickly mastering the basic sleights. It won't be long before he'll be clamoring to use my new cups, too!

Regards and happy holidays!
Andy Atkins - MA, USA
Hi Brett,

I've already used the balls this afternoon in a session.
They handle very well and look great in combination with my silver cups.
So I'm very pleased to have them.
As for the big balls; yes I would like to receive them as soon as you have them in stock again.
So keep the money but please keep me informed when they arrive. ( I hope very soon).

A bit early, but happy new year to you.
Nicolaas - The Netherlands

I wanted to let you know that I love the cups and balls. They are outstanding!! I opened them Christmas morning and was very impressed. It is funny because I my son and daughter are now learning the cups and balls too and I gave them (lesser quality) brass cups for Christmas. So we all had cups and balls to open under the tree.

Thank you so much!!
Tom Meseroll - USA

The service and the Cups have no room for improvement.
Consider me 200% happy!!
Bill Sutter - Nr. Groesbeck Post Office - USA

The cups arrived and they are perfect. I am also impressed with the deluxe balls.

Thanks for the quick delivery.

Bob Garman - Maryland, USA
As far as the cups and small balls, absolutely beautiful. I love working with heavy balls. Til now, the heaviest balls you could find were the leather monkey fist balls. These are fine, but they do not roll. Sometimes you need a ball that will roll when you want it to. I find this very true with the centrifugal move, showing a cup empty, while moving it from the table to stack on a cup. The move flows beautifully with these cups and balls.

I also am VERY anxious to see the wands.

Best Wishes,
Pepka - PA, USA
Dear Brett,

I am extremely enthusiastic about your cups. I had a hard time choosing between a set of engraved silver cups and the smooth silver ones. As I do not, in my present presentation, refer to the age and history of the trick, I finally decided to go for the somewhat more modern look of the smooth cups. On the pictures, they seemed to be just as beautiful as the engraved ones. In fact, they turned out to be stunningly beautiful, while suiting perfectly the way I do the cups and balls. Not only are these cups a joy to look at. I also found the design as functional as could possibly be hoped for. The differently sized beads and the elevated bottom suggest a much more conic form than the cups in fact have, and thus a much more restricted ‘load space’ than is really available. Finally, the large diameter of the bottom and the perfect depth of the dimple in it facilitate a number of moves where one or several balls have to be balanced on top of the cups. The Charlie Miller Move, for example, will be much easier with these cups than with many others. Being heavy and well balanced, the cups handle extremely well. And they are so sturdy that they will no doubt stand up to regular performance. While I have been doing the cups and balls with great pleasure for years, your cups will turn any performance of the trick into an even more enjoyable experience.

With kindest regards and best wishes,


Having worked with your cups for two weeks now, I am confident that I will use them as my standard cups for regular performance. As I always like to have backup props in case anything gets stolen, lost or damaged (and as I profit from a generous early christmas gift), and, lastly, as I have really fallen in love with the set I already own, I would hereby like to order a second set of smooth all silver cups.
Hoping that there is a set left, with kindest regards,
Tilman - The Netherlands
Hi Brett,

My wife purchased this second set of cups for me and held them until she gave them to me yesterday for Father's Day as a first gift from our son. Needless to say I am thrilled with them.

I have been a serious collector of Cups for several years now. I can honestly say that Brett Sherwood has set a new standard (and a Very High one at that) for Cups. I am now the proud owner of two sets. My first, the engraved Silver set, is a work of art. They are perfectly balanced, exquisitely shaped and magnificently decorated. I am almost afraid to use them as the audience is as interested in looking at the cups as they are in watching my performance. The Smooth Brass Cups are the finest set available for "the worker" today. The same fine design and craftsmanship as the Engraved Cups, but at a price that is quite reasonable and should be within the range of most performers. If an artist is judged by the quality of his tools, these are the tools you want.

Take care and let me know what else is on the horizon so I can put in my "gift requests".
Marc DeSouza - Wayne, PA
Hello Brett:

WOW!!! What cups! When I got the engraved silver cups, I was convinced that I had the Rolls-Royce of cups in my possession.
Then I purchased a set of the copper cups, you know, for practice - and those were the Cadillac.

Then I saw the gold-plated, engraved Brett Sherwood cups. I'm almost at a loss for words. If the silver ones are the Rolls-Royce, then the gold ones must be the Maybach!

And the delivery! It couldn't be beat! They were delivered personally, right to my hotel. It didn't hurt that we were both at the IBM Convention in Cleveland!

What can I say? My wife loves them, for Pete's sake!
Bill Palmer, M.I.M.C. - Houston, TX
Hi Brett,

First, I got the cups about 4 days sooner than I had anticipated, so I was delighted with that.

Next, after I got them open, I think I could identify with the Golum character from the Lord of the Rings movie, "Ohhh my precious, precious..." Those are some beautiful cups! I think I involuntarily let out an awestruck, decending-in-pitch whistle when I picked the first one up. I am superbly impressed. I can honestly say now, that it was worth saving up for the past 8 months to be able to afford them.

They look SO cool on the black mat on which I do my cups & balls routine. I like knowing that each one is indeed individually hand made. Blows people away at cocktail parties. Your snowflake comparison is apt.

Put me on the mailing list for updates on your wand & balls (there's a joke in there somewhere).

Thanks a million,

Best regards,
Phil Peterson - Houston, TX
Hello Brett,

The cups arrived today. Words fail me.

I take my hat off to you sir--these ARE the perfect cups!

Sincerely yours,
Richard Hart - Austin, TX
Dear Mr. Sherwood:

I received my set of three "Solid Sterling Silver Cups", yesterday, June 28, 2004. I am absolutely, positively thrilled. I have been in magic for 45 years. Over this time, I have bought my share of cups. I have never seen any to compare with yours. They truly are beautiful in every sense of the word. In the short time, that I have had to work with them, I am equally impressed with the way these gorgeous cups handle. Job well done, Mr.Sherwood. I am also impressed with "Parcel Force". Unbelievable delivery time. Now that I'm under the spell of your cups, I am interested in The availability of the following sets:

Sterling Silver with Gold Plate.

All Gold Plated Sterling.

Smooth Sterling Silver Sets- All three, of this limited edition.

I would like to acquire all of the above, as time and my finances permit.

Just one more thing. Please place me on your waiting list for your custom balls and wand, whenever they become available.

Yours Truly,
Pat Doyne - Minersville, Pa.
Hi Brett,

You've got great balls!!!!

OK, maybe that was a bit obvious. They (my new manipulation balls) are GREAT! They look classy and handle sooooo well! I have already recommended them to several friends. If you have a set of the finest cups made (the Sherwood Cups) you need the finest balls for them ...the Sherwood Balls. Let me know when the load balls are ready.

Take Care,

Marc DeSouza -

Marc DeSouza - Wayne, PA

The copper cups arrived today in perfect condition. I have owned many cups over the years including the Johnson's "Gold" CNC Cups and even the legendary copper Rings 'N' Things "Monti Cups". None of the other cups have been as nice to handle or as attractive to look at as these. Thanks for the speedy service and for making these excellent cups available to the magic world!
Greg McNeil - Peoria, IL

I got your cups in the and HOLLY SH*T!!!! I can't believe the quality and the nice packaging! I'm a BIG Cups & Balls fan, I have every cup out there from Proper, Paul Fox, Johnson's, etc. I've been using the Fox and Johnson cups currently and after handling yours I "will not" use any other! I replaced the Paul Fox Cups and used your cups for the first time in a show and I tell you it "feels right" and "performs right". It's like I was driving a BMW all this time and now I'm driving a Lamborghini! Good job Brett! You are now the new Paul Fox!
Ray Lum - Morgan Hill, CA
Dear Brett,

I just got the Gold & Silver Cups...WOW! I've been in magic 58 years & a professional for more than 45 years & I've never been so pleased with a prop. They're beautiful!

Thank You, Thank You!
Lou Lancaster - Los Angeles, CA

Thanks for sending the Silver/ Gold Engraved cups via the Floo Network (Harry Potter referance). They are incredible. Not only are they physically beautiful but they are also stupendously well designed for their purpose. Great heft, and they stack very loosely and yet very securely at the same time. Plus, hold an individual cup and it's solid  without being overbearing, balanced and nimble; stack the three together and you've got one hefty hunk of silver. Yeah, they're  SWEET.

There's a scene in the movie "As Good As It Gets" where Jack  Nicholson tells Helen Hunt, "You make me want to be a better man." It's considered the ultimate compliment. Well, Brett I've played with Cups and Balls on and off for thirty years but never really had much desire to perform them. I saw your cups and instantly I wanted to do the Cups and Balls. In fact, they make me want to be a better magician.

Jonathan Steigman - Menlo Park, CA

I was out of Paris during a few weeks, and found the cups when I got back. Cups are very nice! They are heavy and very easy to handle.
Thank you for this very nice style and design.

Alain Poussard - Paris, France
Hi Brett

Just letting you know that your Cups and Balls arrived Down Under safe and sound. No Problems.(Excellent packaging) They look and feel great. Cannot wait to use them and spread the word as to there origin.

Thanks again...

Ron Markwick - Australia
Hi Brett,

I got the cups today, SUPERB!! A joy to use, a joy to look at! What a great piece of magic equipment, I'll be using them for my Magic Circle exam next month!
Thanks again,

Kindest Regards
Dominic Kent - England
Brett -

The cups arrived this morning. They are beautiful and the weight is perfect. I think I will spend a couple days just admiring them.
Jerry Mentzer - Greenville, South Carolina
Hi Brett,

I received my cups, and I must say I am very impressed! When I opened the box I could see the two tubes, one with a certificate for the engraved set. I knew the other set was the smooth brass set I ordered, so I opened this one first (saving the best for last). When I got through the most intensive packing job I have ever seen, I could not believe the quality of these cups, and this was the cheap set! There was not one mark, ding, nick, nothing. Just perfectly smooth brass cups. I have paid much more for brass cups that where not even half the quality of these. This is how great the cups looked, but the feel of the cups was even more exciting. The weight is beautiful, and the fit in my hand was perfect. Like your ad says "fits like a glove!"

Then came the sliver engraved set (the second set I ordered). Again another awsome packing job! Where do I start. WOW! I was one of the magicians working with Caesar's Magical Empire in Las Vegas (I was the cups and ball man there), and I only wish I had this silver engraved set then. The beauty of these cups is awsome. I own many, many sets of cups, including some that most magician's consider the best, such as the Paul Fox cups. I will say your cups are the finest I now own.

In fact you've helped fulfill a dream of mine that I've had for a long time. When I was twelve I had the honor of seeing Dai Vernon preform his cups and balls at the Magic Castle. After that I went right out and got the Dai Vernon Book of Magic, and worked on the cups and balls for the next eighteen years before I felt it was strong enough to preform before an audience, and it has been a part of my act ever since. Of all the effects in magic it's the cups and balls I love the most, but all this time I always remembered the beauty of Dai's cups, and always wished I could have a set of silver cups, like his, for my own. That dream has come true, thank you.


Wes Jarlson - AK, USA
P.S. Please keep me posted as to when you will have your wands ready, as well as the large final load balls. Thanks!
Hi Brett,

Just a quick note to say that the cups arrived today. They really are something special. I have several sets of cups and balls and (do I need to say this?) the other sets have all been relegated to a lower divison!

The silver cups are quite simply stunning. All of the superlatives that have been used in the testimonials on the website are completely justified. This is an investment, not a purchase.

I wanted to mention the brass and copper sets, which I am particularly pleased with. These are nice and heavy, but beautifully balanced and the colours are gorgeous. I had read several comments about people using their brass/copper sets for practice and saving the silver ones for best. I have to say that the copper and brass sets can hold their heads up high - these are top-quality cups that would grace any performance.

Finally, a quick word about the new balls. These are great: significantly heavier than the cork balls, they are much easier to handle. The silver/gold thread woven into the crochet is a great touch. That extra sparkle really catches the eye.

The only question that remains is when to complete my collection with the gold and silver/gold sets ... oh, and a wand too!

Thanks again.
best wishes,

Richard Evans - Cardiff, UK
[Please let me know when the wands become available]
Hi Brett,

The cups arrived yesterday and, I don't know what to say... Simply : your cups are really magic!!! Nice design, good weight...wonderfull. The cups are what I offered me for my 21th birthday : it's the best present I could have imagine.my education in the art of magic will now progress with your cups. I think they will give me a lot of joy by working with them. Congratulations for your marvellous work.

Thank you very much

Best regards
Thank you, thank you very much for shipping my Copper Cups on time.
Received my "Copper Cups" with 4 Balls and my additional order of 2 extra bags. When I received your e-mail (below) I was not expecting it to arrive this Saturday... what I had in mind was - it will arrived on next Saturday - September 04, 2004. What a big surprise, it arrived this afternoon - August 28, 2004, you sent the package on August 26, 2004 - it took only 3 days to get here, UPS did a very good job on their delivery and I thank you too. Now, I am interested in your "Combo Engraved Silver Cups" and your "Solid Rubber Balls". Again, I would like to thank you for taking very good attention to my orders of my Gold Cups and Copper Cups. It's been a pleasure doing business with you.

Magically & Best,
George Mamonluk - Manila - PHILIPPINES
Dear Brett,

I saw the print adds, visited your web page and read the testimonials. When I read how impressed John Mendoza was with his (your) engraved cups in silver that got my attention. When he also went for engraved gold cups I was all in. They feel better than they look! I love the inner depth of the polished bottom, it's like gazing into a perfect pearl. I can't wait until the outside gets a little patina to contrast the shimmering interior. Were money an option, I'd still buy these holy relics.

Craig Winkelmann - GA, USA
Dear Brett:

My best friend and wife, Linda, purchased a set of your Gold Engraved Cups and gave them to me as surprise on our anniversary today. I wanted to thank you for the curtsey and fantastic service my wife received from you during the purchasing and shipping process. She was very impressed with your service and help.

I've been involved with magic since I was 12 years old. I've owned numerous sets of cups and balls through the years...but now I possess the last set I'll ever need, want, or use. My Gold Engraved Cups are truly magical...I have several sets of the popular cups and balls that are on the market today...albeit, some of them are first class well made sets...they just fall way short of the class, look, feel, balance, and handling of my new Brett Sherwood Gold Engraved Cups.

Thank you for making these cups available, my thanks to the Dai Vernon Estate for authorizing you to make these cups available, and thank you for your service, attention to detail, and your willingness to help with every step of the ordering process. Continued success to you...and may all the good things of the Universe come to you and yours under grace and in perfect ways.

Very Sincerely,
Dr. Dan "Doc Dazzal" Bartlett Msc. D. - Phoenix, AZ USA
Hello Lesley,

Just letting you know that my Smooth Copper Cups arrived this morning, and that I am absolutely delighted with them. Thank you so much! My best wishes to you, and please pass on my best to Brett also.

Kind Regards,
Martin Perry - Plymouth, UK
Dear Brett,

A delight this morning when the postal agent rang my doorbell and delivered your package. What a wonderful Sunday treat. I am so very thrilled with the weight, balance and appearance of my new Cups and Ball set from you. It is truly outstanding and beyond my original expectations. I have been in magic for over 50 years and I must say opening your shipment and my initial working with the cups is a definite highlight.
Thanks so much.

Magically Yours,
Joe Davis aka Jodini.- Castle Rock, CO USA
I am both honored and ashamed to be the only resident magician in Georgia to own the best set of Cups ever made. When I received the gold engraved cups, I was knocked out by the quality and feel of them ... so much so, I couldn't stop myself from obtaining the silver cups as well. Thanks for doing what should have been done long ago.

Craig Winkleman - Smyrna, GA USA

Just recived the cups!

First of: The cups were extremely well packed. I wanna thank you for that. Ordered alot of stuff outside of Denmark, and not all the stuff was equally well packed...So big plus there.......

Now for the cups....: STUNNING! And I really mean that.... They are far above my Porper Copper Cups, from Joe Porper. And the price is a couple of hundreds behind...The weight and feel of these cups, are without comparsion to any cups I have worked with...Its safe to say, that you raised the level for the quality of the Cups and Balls. And the balls were just as awesome....

Thanks for bringing me the best cups ever!
Daniel Coffman - Chicago, USA

I really cannot express how impressed I am by your new cups. They are history making. These new cups are without a doubt the most beautiful cups to ever have been made available to magicians. No cups have ever compared to these - both in cup design and workmanship. Like it or not, when you developed these cups, you wrote yourself a place in magic history.
James P. Riser - Arizona, USA
Brett -

First let me give you my first impression of the cups. Wow. The pictures on Brett's website (also on Jim Riser's site) do justice to the look, but that only shows the image, not the feel. The cups look beautiful, but feel even better. For anyone worried about these cups, don't. They are as thick and heavy as you would ever want, especially for a spun cup. The only way you could get anything more solid would be to machine it out of a solid block of silver. I'm convinced they would not look as good if that was how they were produced, to say nothing of the cost of the material.

How was it dealing with Brett? Great. I think he was not ready when the Genii ad came out, he must have made his marketing and sales support plan based on the 'old' Genii publishing schedule. Now June means before June. Anyway, that's another story. Brett is ready now and you should feel secure ordering from him. He is very responsive via email, will answer your questions, and keep you informed. His web site is now up. He is trying to anticipate our questions and posting the answers to FAQ on the site. I'm sure this will become more complete over time.

So, how were they delivered? Can you feel comfortable that these precious cups can make their way across the pond without being damaged? Brett must have stayed up nights worrying about this. Let me explain his solution.

• Each cup is individually wrapped in a plastic bag.
• The three wrapped cups are stacked.
• The wrapped & stacked cups are wrapped in plastic again.
• The double wrapped stacked cups are in their carrying bag.
• The double wrapped & bagged cups are wrapped again in bubble wrap.
• The triple wrapped & bagged cups are put inside plastic tubing (like a large PCV pipe), which is further secured.
• This securely wrapped set of cups is now packaged in a box filled with popcorn like packaging material.
• The box is then securely taped up.

So, don't worry about the cups being damaged in shipment, Brett's got that worked out.

Glad I ordered mine. Even happier now that I can see and feel them.
Randy Ehler - California, USA
"I find it harder and harder every day to live up to my Brett Sherwood cups."
---Oscar Wilde

Okay, he actually said "my blue china," but if he were alive today, and a magician, I'm sure that these cups would be his mark. They add so much beauty and elegance to the overall scene that it actually looks like a whole new routine to my eyes. Best, though, is the element of magicianly inspiration. These are the magical equivalent to stepping into the Yankee uniform, and believe me, I understand that my magic has something new to live up to now. If one should get these cups and put them on a shelf, unable to live up to them, the hypnotic spell they cast will make you visionary and indolent. Far better to avoid the risk and keep them in continuous use, even at the expense of all other magic and vacuuming.

"I figure that ten years from now it won't be noticeable whether or not I have the thousand dollars, but it will be extremely noticeable whether or not I have the cups."

Thank you for the beautiful product as well as the fine service. I've got to hurry off and gaze upon them some more.

Lisa Cousins - New Mexico "The Land Of Enchantment"!, USA

Just got the cups! they are amazing!!

JB Benn - New York City, USA
Dear Brett,

(2-250 Silver & Gold - I asked if Ken would like me to recoat them in gold?)

Just received the silver and gold cups a couple of hours ago and they are a treasure. No way are you going to get these back!
Ken MacKay - Anchorage Alaska, USA

Your cups arrived today and I have to tell you they nearly took my breath away. They are my proudest purchase in over twenty years of buying quality magic.

Great job!

I wish you great success.
Bill Belknap - New Jersey, USA
Cups arrived today and they are absolutely fabulous. I have been searching for a set of cups to actually use in work, from the Paul Fox cups to Bertram cups to Fohrman, Miller, Kanatskis, Owen, Tim Starr, Rings 'N' Things, Porper, Van Dokkum and on and on forever and I have finally found the set to end my search. Thanks very much. Do let me know when the gold set becomes available as I will purchase it, but those will probably do nothing but grace a shelf of beautiful magic. Thanks, again.

You should be hearing from a couple of friends whom I've already telephoned advising they take the plunge and buy a set of these without hesitation.

I have now run through several routines with them many times (can't keep my hands off them,) and not only are they the best looking, but also the best performance cups I've ever handled. And, they take a large knit ball which I use with my Chop Cup, which would not fit into the Paul Fox Cups, the Johnson Cups, the Owen cups, in fact no other cups but the huge ones, like Galli Galli, Fohrman, Porper and Paul Fox Chick Cups. Despite that, the illusion is incredible because these cups appear to be no larger than the cups the ball won't fit into! You really do have a perfect set of cups here. I can't wait to see the gold ones.

Take care.
John Mendoza - Missouri, USA

They arrived today - stunning! I almost daren't use them.

Many thanks


Bob Walder - France (via UK)



I have had a chance to play with the cups for a few days now, and I have to say that I am even more impressed than when I first received them. The weight and size is perfect; the design is fantastic, with the slightly raised second bead providing not only an increased stacking space between cups, but a beautiful effect when they are stacked (it can actually look like six cups!).

Finally, the craftsmanship is outstanding. The beads and rims are perfectly formed, with no unsightly gaps at the rims and no distracting wobble when stacked, and the engraving is simply beautiful, making the cups a joy to look at as well as to work with.

Without a doubt, this is the finest set of cups I have ever owned, or am likely to!

You are to be congratulated on your efforts to produce these wonderful cups - many thanks.

Bob Walder - France (via UK)
Re: Silver/Gold 3-250

The cups are unbelievable!
They're so perfectly balanced and weighted that some moves, like the galloping post, seem to work automatically.
I've been involved in magic for over 30 years, and I own many sets of cups. Nothing I've ever used or seen comes anywhere close to these.


Lawrence Zaslow - New York, USA

The cups just arrived and are breathtaking! Thank you so much for making these available!
Thank you again. Now to live up to their beauty. You have done your part; now I must contribute mine.

Best Wishes
Steve Rogers - Massachusetts, USA
My Brett Sherwood Cups arrived safely and they are exquisite! The look, the feel, the size…you got everything right!
James Hargrave - Tennessee, USA
Dear Brett;

I have received the All Sterling Silver cups. They are all perfect in every aspect. What Mr. James P. Riser said about your cups in his web page is entirely correct, I agree with him. Thanks very much for the fruit of your long consideration. I think you are the one of the happiest magic lovers, because you did the best. Again, I want to have a set of "All Gold Sterling Brett Sherwood Cups".

Magically yours,
Kimikazu Matsumoto - Japan
(My heartfelt thanks to the following email from Mark)

Mr. Sherwood,

I just wanted to write you and compliment you on your beautiful work. I am a U.S. disabled vet, so it is unlikely I will ever be able to own such a work, but my appreciation is absolute. I know that there are many people who are aghast at such a price, but I believe that they are worth every penny. Even at the price you post, I am sure it will be some time before you are seeing a profit given all the research time you put in. I hope that I will someday be able to just see and hold one of these cups. I looked at those gold and silver cups of yours, and I knew that for the rest of my life I would be measuring every set of cups against the Sherwood gold and silver. Bravo, Mr. Sherwood, you have created some beautiful art.

God bless,
Mark Jensen - California, USA
Arrived yesterday. Absolutely incredible. I cannot thank you enough. They are beautiful. Please email me at this address the second the all gold ones become available.
Andy Labbie - Florida, USA
"WOW. I fell in Love with these AWESOME cups the moment I saw them. They really took my breath away. A must have for the conjuror in all of us."
Bob Sheets - Washington DC, USA
Thank you! In one way I hope you are having great success with sales of the cups - they are wonderful; but in another way I hope not and that I am the only person who will be performing with these cups.

Best regards,
Bjorn Hawson - New York City, USA
Having more than 50 sets of cups in my collection, from cheap toys to the original Danny Dew Paul Fox cups I thought I had the best…but when the Brett Sherwood cups arrived my collection reached a new pinnacle. For as long as I can remember the engraved cups I watched Dai Vernon work with were what I considered the ultimate in style…for years I tried to find a maker to engrave cups for me, but no one, even the famed knife maker Joe Condon couldn't match the Vernon cups. But, and don't ask me how, Brett Sherwood has done it. I brought my set to the Magic Castle to "show the boys" and no one could believe the quality. One said, "You're not going to use them are you?" I said, "Sure, why not, they make my act look first class." The balance, the feel, the size and ergonomics are only surpassed by their beauty and workmanship. If Rolls Royce were to make cups, these would be it.

Not only have I performed the cups and balls for more than 50 years (I started young), but also I have marketed several sets. I know how hard it is to obtain quality these days, and Sherwood has outdone all our efforts.
Pete Biro - California, USA
Oh…my god! I got the cups today. As I took them out of the box, and I'm pretty sure I've even read someone else reporting this…my wife said, "They're beautiful". MY WIFE SAID THAT!!!! ABOUT A MAGIC PROP!!! I kept looking around for the pod…this couldn't be her???

They are gorgeous! Worth every freaken penny. I got the silver ones. I had to polish them already because my tears of joy would have ruined them. I have noticed something very cool about them. If you pick up the middle one (yeah figure that one out) and hold it up to your ear…you can hear Vernon doing a wand spin by the ocean.
Glenn Farrington - Florida, USA
My set (# 8) arrived this morning. The cups live up to their billing…both in terms of their look and feel as well as their handling. Now that I've had a couple of hours with these cups, here are a couple of additional observations. Don't let appearances fool you. While their beauty is undeniable, these are not cups that have to be handled with care. They are sturdy, tough and should stand up to most performing conditions. They are a bit larger and heavier than the standard Paul Fox/Danny Dew sets … certainly heavier than my PF/DD silver-plated set. They take a larger load … and because of the higher second bead have more room between nesting cups. This does change the feel a bit, making the cups-which do not wobble-feel a bit more loose than the standard PF/DD sets. Of course, all spun cups differ a bit…but this is more the result of less cup sitting under other cup when nested than the precision of the spinning. They're everything I could have hoped for...and you've been absolutely terrific. Thank you.
Michael Edwards - Washington DC, USA
Happy owner of set #11 here. Got' em on Sunday. Holy mackerel. These are the cups I've always wanted ever since I was a kid and saw Vernon's in The Dai Vernon Book of Magic. I think you got the design perfect. They seem to look smaller than they are due to the shape, which, to me, both feels and looks good. Big attic space, big load space. Stack solid with only a small amount of play. They feel solid, sturdier than I had expected. This is definitely a user's cup. And of course, drop dead gorgeous. Even the bag is good quality. The spinning and engraving have little irregularities, but I guess that's part of them being hand-made instead of cut by a machine.

I've fooled around with the cups over the years, but never made it a standard part of my repertoire, because I never had a set I really liked. Always some shortcoming in terms of ball size, load size, aesthetics, something. Now I'm working on a brand new routine, up all last night working on it, inspired by these cups.

Geoff Latta - New York City,USA
The Royal Mail did an exemplary job. I received my cups today (I think they were shipped three days ago). Everything arrived in perfect condition. And the cups look magnificent. But there were no instructions on how to do the trick! (Just kidding.) Thanks for keeping me informed on the progress of the order.

Best Regards,
John Hopkins - Colorado, USA
Cups arrived yesterday. Fantastic.

Andy Labbie - Florida, USA
I received the two sets of cups today. They are incredible. I am very pleased with them. I look forward to using them exclusively. As a cup collector, I shall cherish them for the rest of my life. Thank you for producing and making them available.

Rest assured that you will be getting another order for the Silver Cups in the future. I think the best advertisement for the cups is seeing them in person and holding them. Pictures simply don't do them justice. F.Y.I. James Riser's comments are what pushed me into making the purchase much to the chagrin of my wife. I have bought everything Riser has put out and am well aware of the quality of his work. For me, the praise from James is almost enough to buy sight unseen. It is a pity that the marvelous cups he has produced, will have to be relegated to the display case from now on. Up until today, his jumbo cups were the best cups I had ever held. When my wife sees your cups, she may condone my extravagance.

Thanks again!
Charlie Gillan - California, USA
The cups arrived this morning. I can only say one thing: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! They are even better than I could imagine! The wait was definitely worth it! I'm really, really pleased with them. I didn't have time yet to play with them (kids to school, then dash to work), and I'm really looking forward to the first "session" I'll have with them tonight. Many thanks and congratulations for the wonderful work and engineering! All the best, ciao!
Marco Puterla - ENGLAND
Cups arrived this morning. I was like a kid discovering a dream toy. I even thought of sleeping with them. But I don't think my wife would have understood.

Best Regards,
Joel Buchet - BRUSSELS
WOW! I just received your All Silver Cups. These are truly a work of art. I fell in love with the photos in your advertisement, but to hold them and feel their balance and weight is amazing.
BRAVO! Can't wait to perform with these!
Scott Sullivan - Pennsylvania, USA
I received the Golden cups. Truly Beautiful. Comfortable for handling. Best designed. You did the splendid job in this field. I envy your abilities and strong powers. I am not going to set the cups on my shelf, but I am going to use these cups in my performance.

I am going to use the Brett Sherwood Cups for my performance, not for the shelf ornament. I could do the tilt move more easily with your cups than with any other cups I own. The attached balls are suitable for my routine. There may be other lots of improvements that I do not notice. Brett your cups are the best cups for the standard cups and balls magic routines as far as I know.

Magically yours,
Kimikazu Matsumoto - JAPAN
I have now used the silver cups in several performances and almost virtually have not left the gold cups untouched and unhandled since I got them. They have a wonderful "feel" to them and, while my routines employ no vigorous banging, clashing and sliding of the cups against each other, through probably 500 runs through my routine, the gold cups show absolutely no wear and no loss of shine. My routine does nest and unnest the cups a few times, and, so far, there are no scuffs on the finish, etc. They are so good that I plan to get the silver/gold set.

John Mendoza - Missouri, USA
Following are my comments after receiving the silver & gold cups:

I now have two sets of Brett Sherwood cups. The silver & gold cups are what originally caught my fancy, but I was concerned about how the gold was going to hold up. I was also not sure if any of these cups were working cups or just for show. So I decided to go with the practical cups, if you consider solid silver practical.

When I first received the silver cups, I was pleasantly surprised. While the pictures are great, you have to actually see them in person to appreciate them. They look wonderful, and had a great feel, but my first reaction was to showcase them, not actually use them. Over the course of the first few weeks, I got more daring and found that these cups are made to be used, not just sit on a shelf. I was very careful at first, but now don't worry at all. That being said, I don't throw the cups, nor have I tried the wand crash test. I'll leave that for others to test.

With the realization that these are working cups, my mind kept drifting off to the silver & gold cups. Finally I broke down and ordered them. They are stunning. The combination of gold & silver is perfect. The gold trim accents the richness of the silver without taking away from the engraving. The solid gold finish on the inside of the cup produces a nice effect when you turn the open cup to the audience to show it is empty. One person commented to me "it's like looking at the ceiling of a cathedral"

So how is the gold finish holding up? I have no scratches or other noticeable wear. Looks like these can be used without worrying about them.
Randy Ehler - California, USA
Of course, they look great and that is an inspiration to a performer. But during the handling and performance the appearance factor drops out and the performance itself becomes the principal issue. And I think these cups perform/handle very well. In the past I have used P&L cups from the 50's, Ring 'n Things cups from the 70's and more recently the Johnson Product cups, and given this particular background I feel your cups deliver the best handling for me (weight, size, sureness of grip). I am happy to have them.

John Hopkins - Colorado, USA
I love the silver set I have. It is stunning. I would like to purchase a gold set. Please tell me the price and shipping.

James Robinson - Texas, USA
The cups arrived today, carefully packaged and superb in every respect. Thanks for excellent communication and a wonderful product.

Chris Westfall - Arkansas, USA
Brett was very careful in packing. In, fact, I cursed him as I ripped, cut, and tore my way through various protective layers. I wanted to see my cups, ***it! I don't think I have ever received anything so carefully protected. After my impatience subsided and I saw the cups slide from their beautiful velvet drawstring bag (with silver-colored metal ends on the strings) I realized that they deserved the pride and care displayed in the packing.

I got the silver and gold set. For the first few days, I just put them on my desk and stared at them! I mean, I didn't want to get finger prints on them...These cups are breathtaking. As with most new love-interests, however, I finally started to fondle them a bit. These cups are heavy and sturdy. They stack well and are steady. Three 1" crochet (actually about 1 1/8 inch) fit easily in the attic. The balance is superb.

These things are gorgeous! My guess is that the audience will be so intrigued with the cups and pay such attention to them that you could trot three small ponies into your work area unobserved for a final load, if you could fit them in the cups, that is. One more thing about the cups: the ring. Yes, I got to second-base! I have fondled them and now, they let me do a cup-through-cup bit. They sound almost bell-like.

So, that's my review of the product. One more thing: Brett Sherwood has been incredibly communicative and trustworthy. I'd do business with him any time.
John Clarkson - California, USA

The beautiful cups arrived today! They are more exquisite than in the pictures. I love the weight and feel of them (now that I can bring myself to take them out of the plastic). Allison studied the work carefully and thinks they did an excellent job with the engraving and the masking for the gold plating. The nesting is perfect as well. Congratulations on producing the finest cups ever made for the cups and balls! Brett is truly producing an outstanding product that epitomizes both form and function in one package, something not ordinarily possible in most endeavors. Usually there is some sacrifice somewhere. I can't find it here. These cups are performable art of the highest caliber. Brett's communication through the process was superb and he clearly went to extra lengths to be sure that all went well, and it did.

Many thanks for a truly wonderful and magnificent set of cups. These are truly heirloom quality and honestly museum quality works of art. I am already thinking of story ideas along the lines of cups from the Czar's palace, the Shah of Iran's palace, etc.

Warmest regards,
John Bauman - Washington, USA
The cups arrived and are beautiful.

Willa DeSouza - Pennsylvania
Dear Mr. Sherwood,

I received my beautiful silver cups today. Since I only live 7 minutes away from the Magic Castle, I immediately hopped in my car and took a trip to the Castle to try them out at the place where Vernon spent the last thirty years of his life. I christened them at the Dai Vernon Parlor of Prestidigitation. The cups handled perfectly! I believe that The Professor would be proud to know that his legacy continues. I am very glad the world has folks, such as Mr. Sherwood, who have the ambition and vision to contribute such great projects to the magic community. Thanks!
MJ Marrs - California, USA
Hi Brett,

They are incredible. The words and pictures are nice but they have to be in your hands to be fully appreciated. Being in business I've learned that you never regret buying the best. Nothing I've seen comes even close to the quality and beauty of your cups. Thanks again Brett,
Micky Judware – New York, USA
Dear Brett,

Cups arrived about 11:30 am, a bit less that six hours ago. That was fast! Everything was in good order and the cups are exactly like you represented them, as I knew they would be. They are gorgeous! A bit harried for time now; will write a better appreciation to you when I've had a little time to enjoy them and have time to write. But thanks again for your high aesthetic and practical vision, perfectionism, and perseverance. You'll be remembered in the history of magic for this, I'm quite sure.

Warmest regards,
Dana M. Reemes – California, USA
Dear Brett,

Received your cups at work today. My Co-workers, even those who had no idea what they were used for, all remarked how beautiful they are. Of course I agree with them. I never thought I'd own a magical prop as special as these cups.

Nick DeCiutiis – Maryland, USA
Hi, Brett!

I cannot say how pleased I am with your cups: they are simply PERFECT! I spent some time in working with them, practicing and performing them, and I've never been more satisfied with any of the various cups I bought during the years. Wonderful! I've seen on your site that you're going to produce your own balls and magic wand, and I would like to receive notice when they will be available, as I think I may buy them.

Many thanks in advance, all the best, ciao!
Marco Pusterla, UK
Dear Brett,

The cups arrived safe and well...thank you.

The workmanship and shear performance potential is outstanding...and, from a working magician/collectors perspective they are a real treasure and pleasure to own.

Yours magically,
Bill Dale MMC - UK
Hi Brett,

Your silver cups arrived yesterday in perfect condition.
I spent the entire day marveling at their beauty and functional perfection. You've put to rest any further quests for improvement in cup and ball hardware technology.


Best Wishes,
Patrick L. Eagan – Ohio, USA
Hi Brett,

Sorry I took so long to get back to you, but I was away on vacation. However a wonderful surprise awaited me when I returned. Opening the packages carefully, I was rewarded with the magnificent site of my gleaming silver cups. They are truly the finest crafted magical objects on the market right now! Other manufacturers should take note, for anyone who has spent countless hours honing the workings of close up magic, surely understands that objects this beautiful lend an air of sophistication and elegance to a performance that poorly crafted "props" do not. They truly look magical just sitting there. And like any serious musician wants a beautiful crafted instrument, so does a serious close up magician. I feel fortunate to have attained these for they will be the holy grail of close up magic in years to come.

Ray Wright - N.Y.C., USA
Dear Brett,

I received the terrific silver cups in perfect condition. I appreciate the packing! That in itself was a masterpiece! I could not be happier with the cups. They more than fulfilled my expectations. Just to say " I love the cups, they are the best I've never seen." is simply not enough. Your cups will not sit in a display case to gather dust. (I'm not a collector and I don't have a display case). My beat up, big, heavy copper cups are in my street bag, the silver cups are already in my "elegant" gig case. I know that I will perform with the silver cups hundreds of times before I get too old to "cut the mustard".

All The Best,


Hi Brett,

I used the cups for the first time last night for a country club engagement. I performed with them maybe twenty times from table to table during the evening. Words don't express how overjoyed I am with the silver cups. They handled so perfectly; it was like playing a Bosendorfer Imperial Grand if I were playing a piano.

Best wishes for your continued success.

All the best,
Gerald Edmundson – Texas, USA
Hi Brett,

I received the cups Friday in perfect shape. Even the shipping box had no 'rough spots'. The cups are simply gorgeous. I have never seen a more beautiful set. Thanks for all your effort to produce them.
James G. Robinson – Texas, USA

( .….. )
That's me losing my breath as I unpacked my three all sterling silver set of cups. They are breathtaking and that's dangerous! You should consider a warning message or label on the package.
With these cups in my hand I can only dream of how your upcoming magic wand will come out. Looking forward to see your next masterpiece come true. I will treasure these cups for the rest of my life.

Thank You!
Jorgen Yng - Sweden
Dear Mr. Sherwood,

Today I have received your cups and would like to congratulate you for your excellent work. When I had ordered the Brett Sherwood cups I had already very high expectations due to the description in the ad, the reviews in the press and – last not least – the price, and I can definitely confirm now that my expectations have been completely fulfilled. The silver shining and the engraving of the cups are just wonderful to look at and give every onlooker the joy of looking at a very special work of handicraft. And when taken in the hand the feeling of a cup fitting snugly in the hand is very pleasant. I’m also very content and pleased with the dimensions and the shape of the cups, which allow easy and elegant manipulation of both the cups and the balls. Thus, I’m very happy to have made the investment to buy your cups and would also like to thank you that you have undertaken the challenge and risk to produce these cups for those magicians who can appreciate a perfect set of cups. I have been on the search for such a perfect set of cups for more than twenty years, and I cannot imagine a more perfect set of cups (including the original Dai Vernon Cups).

Best Regards,
Thomas Henkel – Munich, Germany
Dear Mr. Sherwood,

Just a quick note to let you know that the cups arrived and, well, I can’t tell you what I think of them yet. I need time to catch my breath.

Thank you VERY much!
Dustin Stinett – California, USA
Hi Brett,

I received your cups today. Thanks for the prompt service. They have exceeded my expectations, absolutely beautiful.
I have been semi-pro for fifteen years now and have never performed c&b for a live audience. I do have a chop cup routine that I’ve been performing for years, but now it’s time for the real thing! My Dai Vernon book of magic is waiting.


Malcolm Hickson – UK

PS I’m starting to save up for a gold plated set.

Very impressive packing by the way, no chance of damage. It was not until 3 days later that I got to play with my beautiful cups. It was like I was 6 years old at Christmas time with a present just sitting there under the tree, untouchable, taunting me.
You should know that the comments on your website from other magicians set incredibly high expectations. My own expectations were exceeded, not an easy thing to do. These cups live up to their hype. Thank you for taking the time to create a masterpiece of magic apparatus. I plan to give these to my son…after many years of use of course.
Steven Kidwell – Texas, USA
Dear Brett,

I received the cups on Friday – silver and gold #41. Unwrapping them (they were extremely well packaged) was like watching a strip tease. Finally, unwrapped and out of the bag, the following comments ensued:
“Oh my G-D”
“Je*** Fu**ing Chr***, I can’t believe it”
“Would you take a look at these?”

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but even the great pictures on your site cannot begin to do justice to what I beheld Friday night. They also say that looks aren’t everything, and in this case they are right. They feel magnificent. They work superbly. These are a true work of art and handle like a dream.

I spent the weekend doing the old routine over and over. After at least a hundred times, not a scuff, scratch, scrape or dent. These cups are like fine jewellery, yet as solid as can be…should I use them? You’re darn tootin’! I’ll be using these exclusively. How can I not? If I even try to use any of the other cups, these will sit on the shelf and mock me!

After many years of trying, and many, many sets, I do believe my search is over. All that is left to say is thank you, and from the bottom of my heart.

Steve Shufton – California, USA
See Steve performing with his Engraved Silver/Gold Cups on his DVD at:

I tore off the rest of the packing, carefully, and placed the three cups onto the table to admire. Speechless. I have never seen a man made piece of work look so beautiful. I knew their every detail from having looked and looked over the web, but to have them bought for you as a surprise… there are no words to describe what sort of special person does a thing like that for you. PERFECT!

So far I have had the cups for three days and tried to stop myself looking at them so I can spend my time on a routine. They are truly fascinating and fantastic.

Thank you. Perfect. So much to say and so few words at my command.

Thank You.
Liam Bell – UK
Hello Brett,

The cups arrived yesterday, they really blew me away. Fantastic, I love them. These are the finest cups I have seen or used in my 25 years of cup work. My search is over. Your hard work paid off in an amazing product, as far as I'm concerned these cups are a bargain. When you sell out, I'm sure people that will want them, will pay triple the amount on the secondary market. I will never sell my set; these cups are indispensable to the professional. I will use them, not let them sit in some glass display case. As clothing makes the man, your cups make the magician. Outstanding!

Also, I have done a lot of mail order and internet business with dealers, but your customer service has been the best so far, great follow up emails and honest answers to my questions, it was a pleasure doing business with you.

Renzo Baronti – Connecticut, USA
Dear Mr. Sherwood,

I received the Gold Cups yesterday. You should have seen the smile on my face while I was picking them up from the post office. The smile got even bigger when I got home and took them out of the box.

The weight is great and they handle beautifully. It took two thousand years, but the world now has the perfect set of cups for the best close up magic routine of all time.

Since the cups were an early Christmas gift from my wife, I will have a very tough job of trying to find something to give her this year, which could even come close to matching the unique quality of these cups. I thank you very much for having the determination of settling for nothing less than the best. Take care.

MJ Marrs – California, USA
“It’s easy to endorse the Brett Sherwood Cups. They are simply the best cup on the market. Period.”
David Ben – Canada
Your cup was received for several days front. It liked it in the beauty of that cup very much. It is the really most beautiful cup in the world. Then, I order it one more today.

Isao Nishikawa – JAPAN
Dear Brett,

I have been a magician since 1968. I learned the Vernon Routine for the cups and balls and have been doing it since 1970. In the early 70s, Dai Vernon came into my show at the Hollywood Magic Castle and saw my show which featured his routine. After the show he came up to me and said: "Young man, that was a 4 star performance you just did." That was truly an honor. Since I first spotted your cups in Magic Magazine, I fell in love with them. Something I really wanted. I just couldn't bring myself around to parting with my old Paul Fox chrome cups or spending that kind of money on a sterling silver set. My sons presented me with your set as a gift and I almost started to cry. They were the most beautiful magic apparatus I have ever seen. The weight is perfect and a pleasure to operate with. These are the crown jewels of my magic props.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful item.

Stan Gerson - California, USA
"Brett Sherwood has just released a set of cups that I think will soon establish themselves as being the 'Crown Jewels' of close-up magic. I've had a look at the sterling silver set and they are quite stunning. Very ornate and very magical in appearance, and beautifully made too."
Duncan Trillo in MagicWeek

I have now been allowed to open the gold cups, and they are incredible. They were definitely worth the wait (until Christmas morning!). I can't imagine these things won't sell out fast!

I appreciate your remarkable workmanship and your prompt delivery. The cups are now a truly prized possession.

Thanks so much.
John C. Powell, M.D. - KY, USA
Hello Brett:

It would sound like a cliche if I were to make the same statements that other owners of your cups have already made, so I will refrain from telling you how beautiful they are and how nice they feel in the hands. You already know all of that.

Instead, I'll tell you this: I have seen the cups the professor used on more than one occasion. The last time was at Ken Klosterman's Salon de Magie a little over a month ago. For years, I have thought they were the most beautiful set of cups ever made. Well, you have produced a cup that surpasses them. I particularly like the slight modifications you made to the original configuration.

Currently, they are on display in my case of historical cups, next to a set of Indian cups that were the property of the late Tony Andruzzi. But they won't stay there all the time. When the time is right and the audience is the kind that would appreciate these cups, I'll bring them out and perform with them.
Bill Palmer, M.I.M.C. - TX, USA
I got the Silver and Gold cups yesterday, and they are just gorgeous, and the weight and feel are just perfect. Thanks again for getting them out.
Tom Green - WA, USA

When I ordered the gold cups, and even when I first opened them, I thought they would purely be a decoration and that I would be afraid to actually use them. However, as I have handled them and "gotten to know them", I am truly amazed. They are durable and solid. I hate cliches, but they truly are a beauty to behold. You really should be proud of yourself, because you've done a good thing for magic!

John C. Powell, M.D. - KY, USA
Hi Brett,

In all of my 35+ years in magic, never have I been so excited to receive my Brett Sherwood Cups. While I have studied and learned the Cups & Balls, I never felt comfortable actually performing with them. They always seemed too "prop-like" for my tastes. After handling many sets, I always felt the Paul Fox Cups were the Cadillac of cups. I have also had the priviledge of handling Dai Vernon's personal cups that were handcrafted in Iran. Things of beauty indeed. Now, I can unequivocably say that the Brett Sherwood Cups FAR surpass any cup I have ever seen - in craftsmanship, appearance and functionality.

The Brett Sherwood Cups are nothing short of a work of art. They are truly the Rembrandt of Cups. They are so elegant and beautiful that I almost didn't want to pick them up for fear of dinging or scratching them. I have now worked with them for nearly a month and I can report that they look just as pristine as the day they arrived. They are so beautiful that, when not using them, I am proud to show them off in a glass case - a locked glass case!

Do yourself a favor. Book more shows, work more hours, ask for more allowance, or beg, borrow or steal in order to get yourself a set. In my opinion, no price would be too high.
Michael Maxwell / President, A-1 MagicalMedia - CA, USA
BMy Cups Have Been Received...

As I carefully pealed back the exceedingly thorough packing job it was like christmas from my childhood, great anticipation and excitement mixed with fear of disappointment, that never came. They are wonderful.

And there what should my wondering eye should appear but three glorious cups shining back at me. My word how they twinkle and I was so merry not a hint of disappointment, no nary a bit. So I tried a few moves, they made them so smooth, and the load they can carry so deceptive and cool They truly are lovely, an inspirational tool and I look very much forward to using them too.

They are so beautiful I dare not use them and really feel the need for some practice cups at least. But use them I have.

I followed your advice and got Michael Ammar's books and DVDs and have improved my technique enormously and have even written my own routine with a couple of "my own" moves. I've even been researching making my own balls. The cups really have been inspirational.

I do feel the need for a cheap practice set. Do you have any seconds of the plain cups for practice use?

Please excuse the hasty bad christmas theme poetry.

Thank you very much,
Hamilton Hall - ME, USA
Hi Brett,

I have received the cups safely. I am proud to own your first copper set. They are just beautiful. The weight and feel are perfect. This is the set I plan on using when I perform behind the bar and the silver set I will use for all my important private shows. I am still amazed over the design making the cup look smaller than the final loads. Any working professional not using your cups is absolutely nuts.
Glenn Farrington - FL, USA

Unfortunately I have not yet had the time or been home long enough to even sit down with those beutiful cups of yours.

I do know one thing, "they make me look like a star!" I will write you and let you know how they handle after a few hundred performances but I can already tell they are without a doubt the finest cups available anywhere.
Bill Malone - FL, USA
Hi Brett,

your set of smooth copper cups has just arrived me: I couldn't wait until the packaging material (it was a lot of it) was away...

They are really very nice, have a very good weight and fit perfectly in my hand. I thank you very much for your work. Perhaps - in some time - I have the money to buy an engraved all silver set, too?

Many many greetings from a very happy custumer
Jens Beuckenhauer - Germany
Hi Brett,

The cups were delivered yesterday in the late afternoon, shortly after I've sent my last email. It's hard to praise your cups as almost everything has been written on the testimonials section of your website. I do agree with them 200 per cent.

The cups are simply incredible, and here are some features I do really appreciate : - although a little bigger than most other cups, the feel is incredibly good, and the very clever design make them appear smaller than they actually are. Each bead (golden ring) is a little smaller than the one under, which gives the illusion of a slightly coned shape. - they are extrememely well balanced (This is a point I didn't like in however very good Johnson Cups : their bottom is heavier than mouth) - engraving looks great and definitely "hand made" - some testimonials mentioned they are hefty, but I couldn't help to play with them with great care as they look so precious. But after a while I realised that they are really very hefty and definitely made to be used in a professional situation.

I was a bit concerned about the possibility to do the "tip-off move" with the slightly elevated bottom. If like me, one do that move in his routine, they shouldn't be worried : it works like a charm, better than the Johnson Cups, and as easily as with Paul Fox cups or Sisti Cups. - I agree with one of your costumers : a thousand dollars is certainly quite a bunch of money, but in some years, I will not be missing this money, an be the same man. But I'll be the happy owner of an exceptional magic prop which will be (no doubt about this) priceless.

And above all, the service you provided has been exceptional. To thank you, I quickly made a web page with photos on which your next customers may see the care put in packing and shipping. Please click here:

Thank you and please forgive my possible mistakes in writing accurate English !
P. Bosc "Othello" - Paris, France
Hi Brett,

I have to apologize for the late answer but I wanted to give you a feedback that's more than a first impression.

Terrific! These cups are simply something that leaves no desire open. After really working with them and practising all the old moves I can only state that in every aspect they are a lot better than the original Danny Dew Cups that I used before. Although they used to be widely recognized as the non plus ultra in cups they feel 'cheap' compared to your cups. Thanks a lot for this incredible contribution to magic!
Michael Dörmann - Germany
Dear Mr. Sherwood:

I am sending you this email because I do not know if you received my email from yesterday. I have already purchased and received your all silver cups. They are magnificent. They have the look of fine art. The cups are perfectly balanced and the handling is superb. I was also intersted in obtaining the silver and gold cups. Thank you again for your courtesy.

Very truly yours,
Michael Siegel - NY, USA
Hi Brett,

My wife bought me a set of your engraved cups for our anniversary and they are incredible.

Thanks and take care,
Marc DeSouza - PA, USA

The cups arrived sound and safe. They are gorgeous and I will be using them soon in my program. The cups and balls are my opener and with your cups this sequence will make an everlasting impression. Thanks again for your service.
Nicolaas Simonis - The Netherlands

I suppose like all kids in their 50s, I spent the time waiting for my cups to arrive alternately staring at the website pictures and reading the testimonials. They arrived today.

I was prepared to be impressed, but not STUNNED! The beauty and the feel are incredible. It's the BALANCE that impresses me most. They seem to float in one's hands.

Everyone who says that words cannot adequately describe these cups is right. But there is one thing that CAN be truly sensed as one reads through the testimonials. The enthusiasm! Each of these people has obviously been touched by something magical in these creations.

And now so have I!

I can't wait to say: "Would you like to examine the cups?"!

Best wishes,

Bill Boroska


Dear Brett,

I have now had the opportunity to take the cups through my routine several times and my wonder is undiminished. The balance is incredible and the weight is perfect. They float in one's hands.

But beyond that, their beauty seems to turn the cups and balls into an elegant little ballet, with the intricate carvings seeming to hint at the antiquity of the choreography.

What a pleasure. And what good fortune to have found these wonderful gems!

Bill Boroska - MI, USA
The Cups arrived today.

To say I was impressed would be an understatement—Superb craftsmanship. You should get your product in some magic stores! I had no idea of the quality. If I get an offer, I may sell the copper cups and upgrade to a silver set.

David R. Gibson - TX, USA

Everything is fine the cups came to my door. I had just watched The Dai Vernon show apperance with the cups and balls in Mark Wilsons show and was having a shower... when the bell rang. I love them...

I tried them out and then I could not stop myself from going in to my neighbour's to do The Professor's routine.
Then I showed a number of my other friends. And it feels good.
Carl-Einar Häckner - Germany

Oh, just opened a package from who has to be the KING of wrapping things well. Mr. Sherwood.

A set of his "smooth" copper cups arrived in fine order today. Wow! If you really want a lifetime set of cups, in copper, these are the ones. I bet you could drop them off a building and not harm them. These cups are made of a very heavy-walled copper... great weight and balance, and a very pleasing design. Little subtle differences in the design add a lot of class... they don't look like Thermos lids. Medium priced, you can't go wrong with these "smoothies" - save the engraved ones for your Command Performances! Lovely. Really solid, smooth and will be hard to beat for that size cups. Danny Dew and Paul Fox would be proud to see where you have taken the art of making cups.
Pete Biro - CA, USA

The brass and copper sets arrived today in record time. Thanks for your great service. Although I own an engraved silver/gold set, I plan to use the brass "bell cups" as my standard, reserving the engraved set for special occasions. The brass set looks like gold and has the same wonderful weight and balance of the engraved set. The copper set has a lovely, reddish hue to it that sets it apart from other high-quality sets I own.

You've done it again, Brett. These cups are brilliant.

John D. Clarkson - CA, USA
Hello Brett:

I almost don't know where to begin.

The smooth copper cups arrived this morning. I tore through the wrappings with great anticipation, and I was greatly pleased with what I saw when I finally got all the protective wrappings off the cups.

When I got the silver cups, I expected elegant wrappings, and that's what I got. I don't know why I might have expected less on the copper cups, but I didn't get less at all! WOW! These are every bit as nice as the silver ones, just not as fancy.

I got the same elegant drawstring bag, with the Brett Sherwood logo on it, the same nice crochet balls and a well-written set of instructions for care and maintenance.

These cups are of the highest quality available. They are a joy to hold and a delight to view. Well-packed, they arrived without the slightest scratch.

The Brett Sherwood engraved silver cups are the Rolls Royce of cups. The Brett Sherwood smooth copper cups are the Cadillac.

You have done it again!
Thanks so much.
Bill Palmer, M.I.M.C. - TX, USA
Hi there,

Thank you for the wonderful cups - I have spent the last week really getting to know them (I find it very hard to put them down once I start playing with them - fantastic. Please find below the review I gave on my website - feel free to quote it if you wish).

All the best,


Brett Sherwood Cups and Balls
These cups are constantly billed as the most 'beautiful cups in the world' - well for once, you can absolutely believe the hype. They are indeed beautiful to look at and beautiful to use. The hand engraved cups come in three styles. The first is solid silver, the second is silver with gold embellishments and the third is gold plated. I ordered the all silver cups and, when they arrived a few days later, I was completely blown away by the superb craftsmanship. They quite simply do not make things like this anymore (or at least not outside the Sherwood residence)! At first I was terrified that I would scratch or dent these cups and although I worked through a standard routine with them I was conscious of not letting them knock together. After a while however I soon found that they are actually quite tough and can be used without fear of denting (I now only avoid the smash vanish and the cup through cup illusion). Anyone thinking that these cups are only for looking could not be more mistaken. Not only are the cups the best I have ever seen - they have the best weight, grip, shape, balance and load capacity (for their apparent size) that I have ever known. Maybe it is because I have spent a lot of money on the cups that I want them to be perfect - but I actually believe they are the best magic prop purchase I have ever made. If you are a close-up worker and use the cups and balls in your act then do yourself a favour - get a set of these cups - everything else simply looks cheap in comparison! Also - if cost really is an issue think on this - at $995 dollars (for the all silver cups) they can be paid for in three/four close-up shows max and will go on working for years. Engraved cups can be bought direct from Brett Sherwood Magic (superb, friendly, helpful service and prompt delivery).
Justin M. Monehen - England
Dear Brett,

I just got the gold & silver cups...WOW! I've been in magic 58 years & a professional for more than 45 years & I've never been so pleased with a prop. They're beautiful!

Thank You, Thank You!
Lou Lancaster - CA, USA
Hi Brett,

As everyone has described them, the cups are beautiful. However, they do more for me than dazzle the eye, they have helped bring back the wonder of performing magic. It's been a long time since I've been so charged up.

Phil Heckman - SD, USA
Dear Brett,

Thank you for sending my copper cups so promptley. They are truly a work of art. I knew by looking at them on your website and from reading what people say about them that they were going to be special, and i wasnt disappointed. They are beautiful. thank you very much. After I got through the packaging (royal mail could have run over them with a fork lift and they would still have arrived in perfect condition) the first thing that struck me was how much you could fit in them. I happened to have a tennis ball on my table and it fit straight in. it looks really funny cause from the outside it dosnt look like you could one in. I am going to call them my tardis cups.

Thanks once again.
Richard Harrold - England

About one month ago I purchased a set of engraved silver cups, and told you that I would get back to you with feedback. Here goes.

Point 1- by the fact that I already have a set of the engraved silver cups, but am also purchasing the silver and gold set, you should probably deduce that I am at least satisfied with my purchase. Actually I am astounded for several reasons.

1) your service- it was excellent and the cups arrived about 4 days after I ordered them wrapped and packed as properly and efficiently as they could be.

2 ) the material- I was very impressed with the gage of the silver used, and feel like the cups are heavy enough to use on a daily basis, under actual performing conditions in a club or restaurant. Something that I used to do a lot of several years ago. During that time I did professional close-up magic 6 nights a week (for about 10 years) and performed the cups and balls about 20 times a night. The cups I used at the time were original Paul Fox silver plated cups, made for me by Danny Dew before he passed. I still have that set, but doubt that I will ever use it again. I would have absolutely no hesitation at all using your silver cups under every day working conditions, with the only caveat being that I would worry about someone stealing them. Fortunately, I am able to pick and chose my performances now, so that worry is diminished. The gage (thickness) of the silver is just right, not thin enough to be "tinny" and yet thin enough to communicate the person touching them that these are hand crafted and very special.

3) the craftsmanship- Taking into account that my formal background and education is tooling, engineering, machining, molding and design work- The spinning is as perfect a job as I have ever seen, the cups, both inside and out look to have been spun flawlessly. The material displacement is even and consistent, and the finishing and polishing are excellent. The engraving is extremely appropriate for the cups. Having studied engraving for several years, in both the jewelry and firearms worlds, I can tell you that on a scale of 1-10, the engraving on your cups is about a 7 in terms of execution, but a 10 in terms of appropriateness. I have seen some fine, fine engraving, but nothing coming this close to the quality of the engraving of these cups when the cost of materials and spinning is involved and subtracted from the total price. To have what I would consider level 10 A+++ engraving on these cups would be not only inappropriate, but highly cost prohibitive. I could easily see purchasing your smooth silver cups and commissioning an engraver to do A+++ work, but the engraving costs would be 7-10 thousand dollars per cup, and then, the use of the cups would destroy the value of the engraving. I am not just making up numbers, I have researched this several years ago. Your cups are beautifully engraved, and flawlessly spun and finished.

4) the design- probably the most important aspect of the Sherwood Cups is the design, which was obviously done with thought and methodical attention to detail. Being in the business, I recognize the solid model you had constructed to build the cups around the two significant aspects of the cups, the ability to cover a tennis ball, and the ability to nest 3, 1 1/8" balls between the cups. This may not mean much to anyone else, but these cups were designed and manufactured in the proper way, and I appreciate your process for design and manufacture as much as I appreciate the actual cups. There are generally many ways to accomplish a task, but only ONE best way. You have used the best way, your cups are evidence of that. About 10 years ago, I started to have the solid models built, for the cup design, and then was going to have aluminum molds made for molding wax, to have silver and solid gold cups investment cast.. I had the project all laid out, with the processes and vendors lined up, but just didn't have the tenacity, energy, desire, etc.....to see it through. Cost wasn't even an issue, as I had that worked out too. The amount of energy and desire to accomplish this is more than I was willing to put in. I'm very happy that it was not more then you were willing to put in. I appreciate your efforts, along with the cups themselves.

I am interested in you ball and wand design. I'm sure that you will have great success with them.

Sorry for the long e-mail, but I felt like you deserved the entire "spiel", so you would know where I was coming from when I gave you my comments,

Oh- 5) Handling- The cups handle beautifully, although there are noticeably bigger then my Paul Fox cups, and feel different in my hand. After 20 or 30 thousand run through's of the routine, I'm sure I won't be able to tell the difference. My biggest handling complement is on how the stacked cups are straight and stable, even with three large (1 1/8) balls nested into one of the attics. Once again, excellent design.

So-- Thanks for all of your time and effort in the design and production of the cups. I look forward to my new set of silver and gold engraved cups, and may possibly in the future buy the all gold cups as well, just to round-out the set. Please keep me updated on the wand and balls-

Best regard, cheers
Jay Evans - Lexington, Ky, USA
Dear Brett,

The cups arrived on last monday. Thank you again for everything.
The copper set is terrific and has the feel and weight of the silver

I am very happy to have these two sets.

Best regards,
Patrick Bosc - France
Hi Brett!

The Cups and Balls arrived last week and I must say I'm awed that something as ordinary as a cup can be so extraordinarily beautiful.  As I had been forewarned by the reviews on your site the Brett Sherwood Cups Experience start with the arduous process of unpacking. And I can say the reports haven't been exaggerated

and surely the care you take in packaging sheds light on the care you take about your product and about your customers. Your service is impeccable. I get the feeling, that my experiences with the cups will be a long and happy (anytime I look at them I feel a smile appearing on my face). It takes a true artist to create something that is as unobtrusive yet so elegant as the cups you created. These cups are bound to make everyone that cherishes good workmanship and quality happy. Thanks for creating something so exquisite and sharing it with the world.

Yours respectfully
Francisco Laguna – Germany

Dear Mr. Brett Sherwood,

I know it's going to be a great set of cups when I ordered the Sherwood smooth copper cups because I have read so many great reviews about it. But when I received it today,WOW,I have to say it's ten times better then I expect. Feels great,looks great and works great. Thank you Mr. Sherwood for these fine cups.
J.S. Lin – Taiwan
Hi Brett,

The copper cups and deluxe balls arrived today.
Wow - they are absolutely superb, not only do they look fantastic but they are beautifully balanced and feel 'just right in the hand'.  All I have to do now is put in the 'work' to do them justice!
Thank you for a first class product and service - a pleasure to do business with you.

Best regards,
Philip Brown –

My copper Sherwood Cups and matching Jade deluxe balls arrived today.  Despite the "Fragile" printed tape on the box, the package took quite a beating on its way over here. Honestly, I was a bit scared to open the box. When I did open it, I was quite surprised to see your excellent packaging method. I think the only way the cups would have been damaged is if the box was run over by a truck. The cups are a dream in feel and aesthetics. I think I'll take a picture of these to document the new look before the cups develop a patina. I'm really happy to own these, and look forward to when your engraved cups are once again made available. My buying experience has been very pleasant. I was informed every step of the way what was happening with my order. The cups, balls, bag, and even the paper quality of the letter you enclosed speak of class. I especially like that Mrs. Sherwood wrote a short "Thanks" on my receipt. Through the whole experience you communicated that my business was important to you, and for that I thank you.
Best Regards, John San Nicolas - Guam
Brett and Lesley,

My cups and balls were delivered safe and sound earlier this week. I've had fun working with them for hours each night. Shape, balance, size, finish, etc ... they are puuuurfect! thank you soo much.
Dean Chin –

This is to confirm receipt of the cups and balls.
Thank you very much, they are beautiful.
Thank you very much for the assistance and Best Regards !
Giovanni – Italy
Hi Brett,

I just wanted to let you know that I just picked up the cups from the post office this morning. They all made it here safely. They look and feel amazing! WaaaaAAaaAaayy better than the set that I have been messing around with.

I don't know how to explain this ... in my little routine, I do an elevator move twice. With your cups, it feels like they "know" what to do and makes it feel so smooth. Strange, but I'm not complaining!

Kent –
Hi Brett,

My cups arrived today.... AAAAHHHHHHH Merry Christmas to ME!

Thanks, they're awesome!

Royal Jenner –
Mr. Sherwood,

About a Year ago I purchased a set of your beautiful Engraved cups. I was once told when you find something you really love buy it in two’s. I see that you are not making the engraved cups. I’m going to be getting my income tax return shortly and was wondering if you will be making anymore of them. I would like to obtain a set for display in my office. The ones I now have are my working set. If you will be making anymore this Year please let me Know.

Thanks so Much.
Mike Riggs
Hello Brett,

Thank you very much for your answer! Really appreciate your help.
I still have a great pleasure with the engraved cups a really beautiful piece of art.

Some time ago after I show them to Roberto Giobbi he immediately ordered a set from you…

Thanks again!

All the best
Stefano – Switzerland

I just ran across your website and am EXTREMELY IMPRESSED with the quality of your cups. Your engraved cups are a work of art and by far, THE BEST I'VE EVER SEEN...THE BEST IN EXISTANCE!

In Mystery,
Christopher Lyle – Dallas, Texas


Unbelievable!!! The mail arrives while I am at work. Luckily, I am building a house about 30 seconds from where I live. I had asked our postman to bring my package to where I am working, and I am so grateful that he did. My cups arrived while I was eating lunch. Needless to say, I immediately lost my appetite. I was too anxious to see the cups. I had only seen the engraved silver cups in person, but was just as amazed when I opened the smooth copper cups. My co-workers, including my Dad, have been making jokes about me spending so much for a set of cups. However, when they saw the look on my face after I finally got the first cup unwrapped, they didn't make a joke. One said, with the others agreeing, you can't put a price tag on happiness. How true is that? The rest of my day went by so slow, knowing that as soon as I got home, I would finally get to try them out. One thing I do regret, is not getting the deluxe balls to go with the cups. I thought I had an adequate amount of crocheted balls already, but none of them match the quality of these beautiful cups.


Brett, The cups are great to work with. I have never held a cup that handles so nicely. I do a spin around move to show all the cups empty. The weight and balance of your cups make this sleight so much easier. I am going to hold off on the deluxe balls for now. I am trying to talk my girlfriend into buying me the engraved silver/gold cups. It's looking like it will take a while. If I can convince her, I will purchase balls at that time. You told me they are currently out of stock, do you have an idea when you will have more (silver/gold)? Also, what is the new price of the engraved cups?

Matt (Redd) Bryan –

I am sorry to hear of your production troubles. You have put out, I think, the classiest and most artistic magic accessory (I hesitate to use the word prop) I have ever seen. I am lucky enough to own engraved silver cups, and am writing you to say I am also still interested in a combo cup, as well as the engraved wands. I had actually written to you a couple of years back asking if you would be making the engraved tip wands to match the cups, and I am excited to see that they are on the horizon. So a gentleman’s agreement it is, please keep me posted on the progress.

Ray Wright –
Hi Brett Thank you! The brass cups have arrived and (I'm sure you're used to hearing this) they are quite wonderful. They have such a nice heavy weight and feel. And they are a brilliant design: they look small and yet have such a large load capacity. I feel I am part of a very select and lucky group in being able to own and work with a set of your cups. And the balls are great too. They have a very good weight to them and they look large compared to the cups (another nice optical illusion). On your website you talk about a matching chop cup, which having now received this fantastic set, I would be very tempted by...

Very best regards and thank you again
Mark Baker –
Hi, Lesley and Brett, The cups and balls arrived on Monday! Sorry I haven't let you know sooner. I was too excited to write e-mails, I guess! (Actually, I forgot, but the other is also true, and it sounds better.) Everything arrived in tip-top shape, and I am very happy with everything. While I really wanted to replace the engraved cups, after thinking about it for a while, I decided that although the sterling cups were beautiful to look at, and I valued them immensely, what I really loved about those cups was the way they handled. And so I opted for the copper cups, and believe me, they are every bit as functional and a real value at the price. They handle beautifully, just like the engraved ones did. I used the engraved ones in every show, and now I will use the copper ones exclusively.

And thanks for taking such good care of me again.

All the magical best,
Doug Gorman –
Hi Brett,

The cups arrived today in excellent shape. They look great and I am looking forward playing a lot with them in the next days. Thanks for the fast shipping,
Denis Behr – Munich, Germany

The cups arrived today. I'll send a more eloquent e-mail soon, but to summarize my thoughts; your cups are fantastic looking and a joy use! A real well made, quality prop! I also like the balls, they are a bit heavier than the balls I'm used to, I like the extra weight, nice!

I'm going to order a few more ball sets soon. I would also like to order an additional bag to hold my chop cup.

Thank you,
Kevin Gardner –
Hello Brett

I received your parcel this morning (the caretaker had it yesterday)

The cups are beautiful and the weight is very good. The balls also are heavy it's very good. Thank you very much. I saw last week end Roberto giobbi (in training course) he showed us his silver set (by the way it's because of him I contacted you) and after reflex ion I’ve changed my mind : when I’ve money , I’ll buy a set of silver engraved cups and a silver engraved combo cup. I forgot: do you sell magic wands?

thank you

kind regards
Dominique Armillhon – Switzerland
Hello Brett,

Received my Smooth Copper Cups today, Safe and Sound!

They are the Standard!!!

Mel Moore –
Hi Brett,

The cups and balls arrived today. Wow! Even more beautiful than I thought.
Definitely let me know when other sets become available.

Many thanks.
Gary Moss –
Hello Brett,

Not since I bought my first expensive guitar, many moons ago, have I been so excited while unpacking the cups you sent me. And though I have held them in my hands before from a friend, that first touch of my very own silver engraved cups, was a very special moment. Wonderful. (And the smiling face of my wife, who looked at me as if I were a 6 year old, unpacking his presents on Christmas morning, is priceless!)

I am very happy!

Warmest Regards,
Dan LeFay – The Netherlands

I received the cups in perfect condition. They are stunning. Can I order the deluxe balls from you? Any updates on the wands, and the other engraved cups?
Ron -
Hello Brett,

If you are releasing new cup designs, and not re-issuing current deigns please advise me of same. The products you produce are the best in the world!! I did not need to tell you that, you already know how I feel.

Best Regards,
Bill Sutter – Nr. Groesbeck Post Office - USA
Mr Sherwood,

They attempted delivery Sat. but I wasn't here. I just received them today. Very very nice. These are now the best cups in my collection. When my chop cup and wand come in will it be possible to get a couple of extra bags for the chop cups I just received. Thought I'd ask.

Thank You,
Jeff Phillips –
Hi Brett

Got them – they’re fantastic!
Evan Katz –

The cups arrived Saturday. They look great.

Matt Bryan -
Hello Lesley and Brett

Yesterday I received DELUXE HAND ENGRAVED SILVER CUPS and I've got to tell you they are real beauties. I'm very satisfied with the DELUXE HAND ENGRAVED SILVER CUPS and your customer services. Please, let me know when you get those three new styles of cups in your stock.

Thank you.

Kind Regards
Sinisa Nedic – Australia
Hi Lesley,

The cups are BEAUTIFUL!!! My husband looked like a little kid in the candy shop - he was soooo thrilled - made my day - his face was priceless!

Thanks to Brett for this unforgettable gift.

FYI - if he does make a wand - please let me know.

Ricki Hag –


JAMES McNeil – New Mexico, USA

My wife recently purchased a set of silver and gold engraved cups for me, as an anniversary gift. The photos simply don't do justice to the appearance of these absolute works of art. In hand, they are simply beautiful!

When not in use (which won't be often) they will take a place of honor in our home, in a custom wood and glass case that I'm having built for them.
Thank you SO much for offering these exquisitely crafted cups. I feel honored to own them. They are the best anniversary gift I've ever received, and although I didn't think it was possible, you've made me love my wife even more!

Thank you,
Bob Hagerty –
Hello Brett,

I received the cups yesterday afternoon. They are absolutely beautiful!

Mel Moore –

Received your cups few minutes ago: one word......PERFECT!!!!!! No competition at all!! This is why you scare the others...
Dr.Ciro Gargano – Italy

The engraved copper cups have arrived and they are the finest cups I have ever seen. No question. (I like these even better than the engraved silver and gold cups – which are incredible as well). The engraving and design is fantastic, and really works with the copper. These cups are art.

Thanks for completing my search for the perfect cup.

Well done. You are the master.
Dean E. Aldrich – OR, USA

I received the cups and am thrilled! All the wonderful reviews and comments are true. It feels like holding a bona fide piece of magic history. I couldn't be more happy!

Thank you very much.

Jason Fleming – Hawaii, USA
Hello Brett:

The cups arrived just a few minutes ago.

Below is a quote for the web site.

WOW!!! You've done it again! I really like the new cups. Naturally, the feel is perfect. I don't think anything that I would have to say about the way they feel hasn't already been said before.

The heavy silver plated cups are delightful. These will be perfect for the fellows who missed out on the sterling silver ones.

I like the engraving patterns on the copper cups and the brass cups. Both of these will be very practical workers.

Naturally, they arrived in perfect condition, because they were packed by the champion cup packer, himself!

Thanks for the fine work!

Bill Palmer, MIMC – www.cupsandballsmuseum.com

They arrived today - breathtaking!

Thank you
Bob Walder – France
Dear Brett

Thanks – receipt, cups and balls all arrived safely.

They are glorious. Ever since seeing your display at an International Magic December dealer day a few years ago I've hankered after these. Love the look, love the feel. Now I just need to tap that inspiration and spend the next few years working up my skills to match...
All the best – Lionel – South Africa

See above to compare Classic and Midi cup dimensions.
For shipping information please click onto the FRAGILE parcel photo.

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