Cup Transporter
AMAZING! Brett, you really have knocked it out of the park AGAIN! This case has a superb modern look, is manufactured to absolute perfection, and with serious amounts of cushion to protect any cups. I already know I will be buying another to protect my jumbo chop cup, PLUS two large loads! Congratulations for creating the first protective travel bag for cup workers! My Highest Recommendation!

- Steve Dela AIMC
Two time IBM Close Up Winner, 2005 Magic Circle Young Magician of the Year,
3 x winner of the IBM Rovi Trophy.
The Transporter
We at Brett Sherwood Magic Ltd. are happy to introduce for the first time to the magic community a specially designed, professional cup TRANSPORTER bag. This is not just another cup bag, it is a specially designed container to protect your cups from most all eventualities. Just place your cups inside the Transporter and then pop it in your case and you can forget worrying about your cups.

The Transporter will protect all different sizes and styles of cups during travel and/or storage. All sides of the interior are cushioned with 1/2" thick impact-resistant foam, which is covered in a soft fleecy fabric. The outer, extremely-durable material offers further protection. Quick and easy access is provided by a convenient zipper. The Transporter has sufficient room to easily hold all the Brett Sherwood cups, and will also hold other cup styles including various large street cups.
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Whatever Your Cups the Transporter Has You Covered!
The Transporter also has a convenient mesh manipulation ball pocket (inside top, see photo below). Brett Sherwood has travelled the world using his Transporter for over ten years and now passes on this practical, light-weight design for the benefit of other magicians.
Cups Unprotected!
Cups Protected!

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Brett Sherwood’s Nickel Cups (above) fit cozily inside The Transporter. The cups are protected within the thick, soft, cushioned-walled Transporter. The Brett Sherwood Quality Hallmark is displayed outside of every Transporter, so you can rest assured the quality is superb. Take advantage of Brett Sherwood’s knowledge of more than thirty, professional years as a globetrotting, professional magician and invest in a Transporter to protect all your cups.
Outside measurements: 8½” x 4½” x 4½” or 22cm x 11.43cm x 11.43cm
Inside measurements: 7½” x 3½” x 3½” or 19.5cm x 9cm x 9cm
Weight: 5¼ ounces or 149 grams
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Never Leave Home Without it!

See above to compare Classic and Midi cup dimensions.
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