Engraved Silver King Chop
King Chop
King Chop
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Hand Engraved Solid Silver King Chop
“I have received my King Chop yesterday. It is very beautiful, attractive and functional. Now it is my treasure. It stimulates my mind to develop a more attractive routine.”
- Kimikazu (Japan)
After three years of physical alterations and numerous refinements to the engraving designs, the King Chop is finally here. In the history of magic, there has never been such an elegant and deceptive chop cup. To create the beautiful exterior of these extremely intricate and complex interlocking patterns requires nearly one week of meticulous hand-engraving by a master engraver.

Invisible Gimmicked Chop with a Baseball Load Capacity
“The Sherwood King Chop is the bomb! The perfect size, plenty of room for a large final load - a baseball or cricket ball is perfect. Being beautifully hand-engraved in solid silver there is a great weight to it and it handles so smoothly. I really appreciate the craftsmanship.”
- Roger-Pierre, USA
King Chop
King Chop
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Detail of the Top Intricate Interwoven Hand Engravings
“Brett, there is only one word for your King Chop Cup – BEAUTIFUL!!! Just beautiful in every respect. I will use this cup often. You are the best!”
- Jim DeLoach, USA
All the Brett Sherwood King Chops are finished to the same exacting standards as the other Engraved Silver Cups. The cups are made to the highest of specifications to enable an extraordinary ease in performance. There are no gaps in the base bead, which is unsightly and can accumulate dust and residue. Inside the top centre of each cup can be seen the Brett Sherwood Hallmark Stamp of Quality which signifies that you have purchased the finest quality standalone chop cup in the world.
“Received my King Chop, engraved in .925 solid silver. All I can say is this is the most beautiful chop cup I have ever seen. I feel like Ferris Bueller touching the side of Cameron's Father's Ferrari in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off". As Ferris would say: "If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.”
- Todd Dowell, USA
King Chop with Red/Gold Chopped Ball and Logo Bag
Smooth Silver King Chop
Smooth King Chop
King Chop
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Classic, Smooth & Elegant Solid Silver King Chop
“As a professional collector, the Brett Sherwood 'King Chop' is a modern miracle. The balance is perfect! In fact, there are not enough "O’s" in the word SMOOTH to describe the new 'King Chop'. I am very proud Brett added the 'Kind Chop' to his repertoire.”
- Jerry Alan Foster
Inside Smooth King Chop
King Chop
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Interior Detail of Smooth King Chop
The King Chops are also extremely innocent in appearance. Renowned spinner James P. Riser was the first to introduce the concept of spinning a double-wall to conceal the gimmick and it is this clever concept that creates the ultimate deceptive interior used in both King Chops. There is no seam or gaff to be found! Special thanks is extended to James P. Riser for his permission to use his double-wall concept.
“Flawlessly manufactured, the King Chop Cup is the cream of the crop. It is no small feat for such a cup to be both able to handle large loads and yet not feel overly cumbersome in the hands. If you perform the Chop Cup you need the King’s Cup in your show”
- Bodane Hatten, Australia
Height: 9cm / 3½"
Weight: 305 grams / 10.80 ounces
Inner Mouth: 7.6cm / 3"
Outer Mouth: 8.5cm / 3⅜"
Internal Depth: 8cm / 3⅛"

See above to compare Classic and Midi cup dimensions.
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