Benson Bowl
Benson Bowl
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Buy in Store
Solid Silver Hand Embossed Benson Bowl
SPECIAL OFFER: For all those who purchase a Benson Bowl, we offer a 15% discount on the wand of their choice at the time of purchase. The 15% wand discount will be refunded after the bowl is shipped along with any excess shipping due.

“Your Sterling Silver Benson Bowl is a wonderful piece made to a superb quality. The design is very ingenious because it allows hiding a sponge ball in the hollow base of the bowl to work very clean during the routine. It is cunning yet inconspicuous, like a built-in holdout and together with your superb wands, they form an invincible harmony. You have fashioned something very special, which gives continuous enjoyment and something to be proud of. They are conversation pieces because they are things of incredible beauty and will never lose their value.”
- Hanno Rhomberg, President of the Austrian Magic Ring and Editor of ALADIN Magazine
We are delighted to offer the magic fraternity the most beautiful Benson Bowl in the world. This bowl is predesigned inside a form and then each .925 solid silver bowl is slowly hammered into the form to create the gorgeous 3D floral patterns seen inside the bowl. Next the bowl is oxidized black and then professionally polished to reveal a sparkling array of 3D floral patterns inside the bowl.
“Love the Silver Embossed Benson Bowl. It’s beautiful and handles like a charm. Love the wand too - it is gorgeous. Thanks for being such a perfectionist.”
- Jim DeLoach, USA
Benson Bowl detail
Detail of the Raised 3D Hand Embossed Silverwork
“I am pleased to say that your Benson bowl is technically perfect in all the details of handling, weight, shape, texture, and style, making all technical movements flow, and the beauty reminds me of one sentence, if you look like a million dollars, you're worth a million dollars.”
- Latko, Argentina - FISM award winner 2009 Beijing China
Benson Bowl Upright
Benson Bowl
Buy in Store
Buy in Store
“The Benson Bowl and Wand were delivered this afternoon.  Both products are awesome!”
- Matt Herbert, USA
Sleight-of-hand expert Roy Benson (1914-1977) introduced his Benson Bowl routine to the magic fraternity in 1948 and it became an immediate triumph. We are proud to introduce this stylish bowl as a fitting tribute to the genius of Roy Benson. The bowl is stunning and can be displayed in the home when not in use. It may be inspected prior to the performance yet sponges keep appearing underneath the bowl. The technique is not difficult but timing and routining are paramount to create believable magic.
“Having looked for the perfect Benson Bowl I have finally found it. Light and yet perfect to handle I do not believe there is a better version on the market. The inlay surrounding the inner surface of the bowl is beautiful and would not be out of place at a high-end jeweller’s. Coupled with Brett Sherwood’s wand, the Benson Bowl routine is elevated from a mere trick to performance art.”
- Bodane Hatten, Australia
Although the bowl is a low profile bowl it will cover up to 2½" super soft sponge balls due to their minimal density. The appearance of the large balls looks more magical and impressive inside this bowl.
“I received the velvet bag for your Benson Bowl yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the bag, as I am with everything I have purchased from you. And I love the fact that you designed it to hold the wand as well.”
- Matt Herbert, USA
Height: 6.35cm / 2½"
Weight: 240 grams / 8.5 ounces .925 Solid Silver
Outer Mouth: 18cm / 7"

See above to compare Classic and Midi cup dimensions.
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